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I’m Melissa, the face behind this blog. Like you I assume, I love to knit. It is one passion that I have had since childhood. I have knit a few things for myself, but I love to knit gifts for my friends and family.

I have two really good reasons for spending my precious knitting time making handmade gifts. First, I, like everyone else, have a list of people to buy for every year. Since I have to give these gifts (birthday gifts for my parents, sister, daughter, friends as well as Christmas gifts for everyone), I find it wise to combine my love for creating handmade gifts with gift-giving occasions.

Second, in today’s economy I find myself on a strict budget. I’ve found that you can spend a lot of money on luxury yarn and create a fabulous knitted gift. But, you can also shop around for sales on yarn or find less expensive substitutes and make a comparable, less expensive gift. Gifts that are handmade can often be less expensive than store bought gifts. Plus, who wouldn’t want to receive a gift that you lovingly spent your spare time creating just for them? Yes, a handmade gift has always been more appreciated by my friends and family compared to something I went out and bought for them.

I am always on the lookout for great knitting patterns and great handmade gift ideas. I will share them with you. I will share sales and specials and free patterns when I find them. I’ll show you what I’m working on and explain any challenges and solutions I’ve encountered with what I’m knitting.

I will share knitted gift ideas for everyone on your own gift list – men, women, kids, pets, items for the home and also holiday gift ideas. I’ll share hints on organizing your patterns and tools as well as tips on always having last minute gifts.

While I love to knit, I have NOT gotten into designing knitted items. Most of what I share will be the designs of others. I will always note the source of things I post to give proper credit.

On a personal level, I’m a single mom to a teenager. I am also a labor and delivery nurse. My daughter and I have 1 dog and 6 cats (I know, that’s a lot). We love all of our pets and you’ll see many pictures of them on this blog.

Happy gift knitting,


That's me holding one of my cats, Max.

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